Why Should You Advertise on KhauGaliDeals.com ?

Restaurants Owners greatly benefit by a tie up with us. We are actively promoting our deals/content to that specific generation that loves to eat out, explore various cuisine and have variegated experiences.

1)  India's most restaurant discount coupon Selling Website:

KhauGaliDeals.com is India's highest discount coupon selling website. With Advertising on us, you would be reaching to the biggest foodies in town.

2)  Geo strategy Ad Technology:

For the benefits of the restaurant owners Khaugalideals.com is now having Geo Strategy Ad Technology. This facility would allow your restaurant ad to be displayed in custom tailored location according to your target audience & area of work.

3)  Maximum ROI with Tracking System:

We assure you for maximum ROI. Advertisers would get the maximum benefit by giving Ad on KhauGaliDeals. Also, KhauGaliDeals.com gives you the technology to see how's your Ads are performing! This is what really keep our clients coming back to us again & again.

4)  Getting International Platform:

As KhauGaliDeals.com works on Pan India Level, your restaurant would get Pan India presence. This would help in branding as well as more sales. Our Goal is : More Heads, More Profits

5)  Millions of Visitors:

More than 7.5 Million people visit Khaugalideals.com every month across India. Foodies visit KhauGaliDeals.com to discover the hottest deals on food around them. We can help them discover your business. 82% visitors are aged from 17 to 27 & are foodies. Our visitors are young, food crazy people, who like to test their taste buds. KhauGaliDeals.com users spend a-lot on Food.

6)  Becoming a Brand:

We can turn your restaurant into a brand. So include your restaurant with us.

Advertising Options :

1)  KhauGaliDeals.com Outer Skin

2)  KhauGaliDeals.com Inside Skin

3)  Leader Board

4)  Top Big Box

5)  Pocket Ad

6)  Upgrade your business/deal page (Get our Verified Logo)*

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