About Us

Who we are & What we do:

We’re just a bunch of people who love Food & that too Discounted Food at our favorite Restaurants. We always strive to bring out the most amazing and exciting discount deals on restaurants over our website & app. Having our Head Quarters in New Delhi, we work in 10 cities of India. We have more than 5,000+ Restaurants under our umbrella and cater to more than 0.5 registered users.

Our Aims & Objectives:

Our aim is to make KhauGaliDeals.com the leading discount deals discovery portal for every foodie across India. We provide discount deals available from 15% - 65%. We strive to showcase the best deal to the user and at the same time keeping intact the business module of restaurant. Our objective is to give the opputunity to every citizen to have a seven course meal every weekend without looking at the right side of menu card.

The Brand:

We’ve all used different adjectives to define food around the world but the big question we asked ourselves when coming up with this concept was “What word perfectly describes Food?” Many tried, a lot of words and taglines came up and went but none of them actually stuck or sealed the deal. After lots of brainstorming and countless ideas, we failed to find a single word that captures food. Months went by and one fine day, eureka struck. This is when KhauGaliDeals.com was born. We realized that the word Khau Gali in itself defines a lot more than one would think. Think about it.

You should also know:

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Getting through to us:

You can write to us on info [at] khaugalideals [dot] com.

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